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Monday, February 6, 2012


Ashley [4:49 PM]:
 next Darcy Regier is going to fall off a later and get concussed.
Bob [4:49 PM]:
 later? seriously?
 ash come on
Ashley [4:50 PM]:
Bob[4:50 PM]:
 i mean jesus
Ashley [4:50 PM]:
 i need a nap
 maybe i meant: later, he will fall off a ladder.
Bob[4:51 PM]:
 this is going in the blog... if i remembe what its called and how to get there....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

external career opportunities

Bob [2:47 PM]:
i want to start my own business so bad after i graduate

Ashley [2:49 PM]:
can i work for it?

Bob[2:49 PM]:
since i don't plan on being a pimp, i doubt it

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ashley [2:45 PM]:
but ashley and deb were when i got here and i just sat down and he comes running over to me w/ one and goes "here you go"
Bob [2:45 PM]:
Ashley [2:45 PM]:
i must give off the vibe im important lol
Bob [2:46 PM]:
or easy

Monday, March 7, 2011


Bob [1:06 PM]:
- i think so too, its too many pages for a price increade
- fail

Friday, January 21, 2011

The town bathroom

Ashley [12:40 PM]:
i have to make a video talking about myself for the one class. holy awkward lol
Bob [12:40 PM]:
i could do that in a heartbeat... just pretend your auditioning for "the real world"
Ashley [12:40 PM]:
lol, i'd make my real world tape much more interesting
Bob [12:41 PM]:
you should also drink beforehand
Ashley [12:41 PM]:
i might. cuz the thought of sitting there staring into a webcam talking about myself creeps me out
Bob [12:44 PM]:
you have to do it live?
Ashley [12:45 PM]:
no i have to record it
it'll probably be 30 seconds lol
Bob [12:49 PM]:
" Hi I'm Ashley, im kinda of a whore, its a family tradition, nice to meet everyone!"
8 seconds flat
Ashley [12:50 PM]:
hahaha thats all they need to know!
Bob[12:51 PM]:
" you can find my phone number in most guys bathroom stalls in the area"
Ashley [12:51 PM]:
is it in here?
Bob [12:52 PM]:
in thick sharpie!
joking joking
i wrote it in fine point sharpie
Ashley [12:52 PM]:
haha that explains all the calls from unknown numbers ive been getting lately
Bob [12:52 PM]:
it says " " for an average time, call..."
Ashley [12:52 PM]:
Ashley [12:52 PM]:
i dont know why i find that funny

Friday, January 7, 2011

light coming thru the tunnel

Bob [12:25 PM]:
-whatever keyboard
Ashley [12:25 PM]:
- jaja LOL i like iot
- oops lol
Bob [12:25 PM]:
- This is a trainwreck

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

like a car wash

Quote of the day:

I'm all done in 3 minutes and then i'm outta there

It amazes me how often i don't yell " THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" here at work...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When life imitates art.

One of my coworkers and i created a song parody substituting the new program we're forced to use. Its both epic and sad. A complete reflection of working here.

a distinct feeling of irony

Robert [1:21 PM]:
Yeah, its the new Microsoft suite with A.I.

Ashley [1:21 PM]:
What does A.I. stand for?

Ashley [1:21 PM]:
american idol?

Robert [1:22 PM]:
please tell me youre joking

Ashley [1:22 PM]:

Robert [1:22 PM]:
dear god

Ashley [1:22 PM]:
LOL what does AI stand for?

Robert [1:22 PM]:
A.rtificial I.ntellegence

Ashley [1:23 PM]:
oh i think i knew that

Robert [1:23 PM]:
i just don't even know what to say right now

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And in this corner....

Ashley [12:05 PM]:
at least SOMEONE cares that their order entry representative be fueled.

Robert [12:06 PM]:
hell, you dont do any of my orders, what do i care how fueled you are? :)

Ashley [12:06 PM]:
once again: 'eff you.

Robert [12:07 PM]:
i respect you as a coworker to Ash.

Ashley [12:07 PM]:
i would respect you more if you used the correct form of to in that sentence

Robert [12:08 PM]:
i would respect you more if you stopped whoring yourself out. I would call it a draw.

Ashley [12:08 PM]:
hahahahahahha wow!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

More: Real stories from Office Communicator

Ashley [1:05 PM]:
apparently deb thinks im like the funniest person ever

Bob [1:05 PM]:

Ashley [1:06 PM]:
everytime im talking to hillary she giggles in the background

Bob [1:15 PM]:
that s wierd, cause i always thought you were super unfunny
unless shes looking at you, then it makes sense

Ashley [1:17 PM]:

Bob [1:17 PM]:

Ashley [1:17 PM]:
**fist pound**

Bob [1:18 PM]:
ah shucks, im just here givin it 110%

Ashley [1:19 PM]:
if only you put as much effort into your work as you do into making fun of me you'd be a KAR in no time

Bob[1:19 PM]:
hell, i'd be CEO

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is of high importance:

This is an actual Office messanger conversation that just happened at work

Ashley [11:59 AM]:
why is this of high importance now?
Bob [12:00 PM]:
i think i accudentally clicked something.... and.....
youre dying
Ashley [12:00 PM]:
oh crap
i dont want this to be the last place i see

Bob[12:01 PM]:
i would have told you face to face, but i thought making an IM as high importance was pretty much the same thing
Ashley [12:01 PM]:
yeah it's just as good

i think im gonna get called tomorrow for tomorrow...will i be dead by then?
Bob [12:02 PM]:
are you being philosophical?
Ashley [12:02 PM]:
whoops one too many tomorrows and no i dont mean called by the lord
Bob[12:02 PM]:
Ashley [12:02 PM]:
i mean by erie county

bob [12:02 PM]:
same thing
Ashley [12:02 PM]:

Bob[12:03 PM]:
um, no, youre goin to make it thru jury duty
Ashley [12:03 PM]:
oh, of course i am.

Bob [12:03 PM]:
then pass away, because it will give you perspective that hell isnt so bad

Monday, January 11, 2010


The most stressful part of the workday isn't a new customer call, or meetings.

Its that half second when youre not sure if the bag/bar is going to fully fall from the vending machine after you select it.

The stress is taking years off my life.

Monday, November 30, 2009


"I was glad to have 4 days off, but i'm happy to be back at work"
What is: Things i will never, ever say in my lifetime.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Level Orange


is not the proper response when asked in a meeting

"What are some of the biggest threats for our business in the 4th quater?"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Sweet Sounds

The only thing more beautiful than the sweet sounds of nothingness being whispered in your ear is:

Someone chewing an apple while ordering from you on the phone.


Monday, October 19, 2009

i'm giving it %110

Was reheating the pasta that was left on the tables for 6 hours in the break room a good idea?

Probably Not.

Was it still worth it?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prophecy from the lunch room

You know how i can tell that the economy is recovering? It's not by the stock market, or any sort of financial index.

It's when the vendors here at work start buying us lunches again.

And you know what my children? Go forth and spend, thy stomach be full, the recession is over!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My five year plan

I took a very important half day last week, leaving at 1:30 in the afternoon. Doctors Appointment? No. Dentist? No. Car Mechanic? No. Getting my 4th Tattoo? Yes.

I'm all about priorities.

We all need goals

I am so ridiculously jealous of one of my coworkers. She has achieved the one thing that i am genuinley trying to achieve in my work experience: Retirement.